Partnering with the best in the self-defense & custom gear industries

A.M.F. DEFENSE is proud to be partnering with these professional businesses & facilities.

The concept of the Gunfighter skill book series is to provide shooters with a wide array of skill enhancement warm ups, drills and scored tests. This training series is brought to you collectively by Clare Ward owner of the Marksmanship Training Center and Kevin Lippert owner of Jericho Defense.


Upgrade your Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P with a custom Gunfighter package.



Upgrade your Glock with a custom GUNFIGHTER package  (order through Gunfighter)




Upgrade your Smith & Wesson with a custom GUNFIGHTER package  (order through Gunfighter)



The purpose of Black Mountain Defense combative courses is to teach the armed citizen how to protect themselves against modern day threats.




Tactical Fitness is the leading provider of personalized Krav Maga, firearms, and fitness training in Austin, Texas.



The mission of the Marksmanship Training Center is to bring an advanced level of precision firearms training facility in Michigan. A 100% veteran owned, advanced weapon technology and ballistic research facility.

Mission: 1000 Yards of bullet drop and wind drift…


Veteran Owned and Operated Custom Leather Goods – Rinehart Custom Leather can provide you with hand carved, hand stamped and sewn Holsters, Flasks and Sheaths.  They even have some kick-ass shirts for you to check out on their site at


P# 740-804-8386


Tier 1 Targets, LLC located in Grass Lake, Michigan is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business ( SDVOSB ) that specializes in engineering research and development of reactive steel targets and range systems.


Contact them at